On-Trend Jewellery

Our Wide Range of popular jewellery that’s current, fashionable, and affordable. Here you will find more minimal and trendy jewellery, as opposed to the handmade artisan pieces of our Handmade British Jewellery. We recommend shopping in this range if you’re looking for a sleeker-looking piece of jewellery, or even if you are shopping for a gift and want to play it more on the safe side and within a budget.

We’ve broken this section down into On-trend Necklaces, On-trend Rings, On-trend Earrings and On-trend Bracelets & Bangles to help ease your online shopping experience.

  • Crytsal Triangle Drop Earrings Armed & Gorgeous

    Baby Crystal Triangle Drop Studs

  • Grey Moonstone Hoop Drop Studs (Gold Vermeil)

  • Onyx Spike Hoop Earring (Gold Vermeil)

  • Tribal Chain Earring

  • Wishbone Drops

  • Elegant Silver Drops

  • Gold Plated Feather Drops- Armed & Gorgeous

    Gold Plated Feather Drops

  • Hammered Heart and Circle Drops - Armed & Gorgeous

    Hammered Heart and Circle Drops

  • Infinity Drops

  • Moon and Star Hook Earrings

  • Organic Teardrop

  • Silver Bobble Drops/Crawlers

  • Silver Lotus Drops- Armed & Gorgeous

    Silver Lotus Drops

  • Sterling Silver Infinity Earrings- Armed & Grogeous

    Sterling Silver Infinity Drops

  • Talon Charm Bracelet (Gold Vermeil)

  • Twisted Circle Drops- Armed & Gorgeous

    Twisted Circle Drops