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Abstract Wirework Drops (Gold Plate or Sterling Silver)
Double Gold Labradorite Earrings
Faceted Moonstone Drops
gold shell necklace oxidised silver chain
Gold Encased Labradorite Necklace
gold encased moonstone necklace
Gold Handmade Labradorite Sun Drops
Gold Handmade Moonstone Sun Drops
Gold Hoop Drops with Pyrite Drops
Gold Labradorite Square Necklace
Gold Rectangle Drops
Multi-Tone Sparkly Bead Drop Earrings
Organic Hoop Drops with Prehnite Drops
Oxidised Oval Hoop Studs
Paddle Drops (Sterling Silver/Gold Plate)
silver convex shell necklace
Textured Rectangle Studs (Silver / Gold Plate)

LBJ Jewellery

We stock a large range of LBJ Jewelley. Their style is more abstract than a lot of our other designers. They’re authentic and uncompromising in the way that they design their jewellery. And we love that. We recommend LBJ to our customers who want more of an artisan-inspired piece, as opposed to a more standard feel.

If you want to discover more handmade, designer jewellery, then make sure to check out our British Handmade Selection. If you are in Gloucestershire and want, come and visit our Multi-Award-Winning Jewellery Shop in Nailsworth (Stroud). All items are price-matched and made from Sterling Silver and Gold.