About Us

Welcome to Armed & Gorgeous

Our Origins: 

The story of Armed & Gorgeous starts over 35 years ago with Liz. She has always had a love for fine jewellery, as well as a passion for travelling and culture.

Liz has always lived an alternative lifestyle - when she was younger she had short pink hair with shaved sides and nose piercings. As a result, she found that galleries - where you normally find bespoke British handmade jewellery - often made her feel uncomfortable, or simply took one look at her and denied her entry! 

On top of this, she found that galleries usually show only one or 2 designers at a time, making it fairly limited if you want to browse multiple pieces of high-quality jewellery. She still finds this problem extremely irritating - if you want to find the perfect designer for you, you’re going to have to visit multiple galleries to find them! 

At the same time, Liz fell in love with travelling and other cultures - she has travelled around the world for years at a time. She was amazed by the different styling that comes from jewellery of different cultures, and simultaneously disappointed at the lack of publicity ethnic jewellery was receiving in the UK.

The eureka moment for Liz came in 2003 when the two problems collided to a simple solution: create a jewellery shop that showcases the best British jewellers in the UK, as well as the Best jewellers she has come across on her travels. 

And Thus, Armed & Gorgeous was born!  

Liz has formed some long-lasting friendships with over 15 of her cherry-picked british jewellers over the last 20 years, and many of the pieces you see are exclusively designed for Armed & Gorgeous. This list of designers grows every year, always hand-chosen by Liz, always with the aim of showcasing the best that Britain has to offer in terms of fine jewellery! 

Liz continues to go travelling every year. She has great relations with her supplies, many she has known for 15+ years. To many, she is a family friend. She has met the family, had meals with the family and visits the family house. One particular designer is Sandeep - his wife makes jewellery for Bollywood. Liz has known Sandeep for 15 years, met his children, and has been shown his wife’s personal jewellery collection (which she plans to put in a museum when she passes). 

The expansion of our newer ‘on-trend range really came through Liz’s own experience of financial difficulties. Armed & Gorgeous quickly grew a following as one of the best jewellery shops in the area, but Liz felt that it was unfair to exclude those who were less financially stable than others. Liz broadened her horizons and started finding excellent jewellery without the price tag that comes with handmade.

Armed & Gorgeous is now a multi-award winning jewellers. It showcases the best in British jewellery, as well as some of her worldwide finds. On top of that, Armed & Gorgeous is a welcoming place and has built a solid community over the years. We cater for anyone, no matter who you are and what your price tag is.

Fast forward to now:  A&G has won best jewellery shop in Gloucestershire 2017 and 2018, and runners up 2019, as well as best gift shop Gloucestershire and Worcestershire 2021. Liz is also a prominent business owner in the local area, having featured in multiple local newspapers and magazines countless times. You can read our latest articles here. This is a perfect way to get to know who Liz and A&G are in greater depth! 

"I do not have the words to express my admiration for Liz and all of you. I first came to the shop when visiting my sister in your area a few years ago.
She KNEW this was a shop I would love. She was so right. Presents bought from you followed from her as I don’t live locally (London with no lack of shops! ); you were my first stop each time I visited her. One particularly favourite purchase was a heavy silver bangle which I’ve worn virtually every day for about 3 years now … it was my talisman during lockdown. Then she moved away so I’ve been shopping online ever since. Have also introduced a friend who shopped online. But I WILL be back and hopefully soon." - Suzy (October 2021)