About Us

Welcome to Armed & Gorgeous

We are Armed and Gorgeous: an independent, multi-award-winning jewellers in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire. The shop was birthed from a true passion for unique, hand-crafted jewellery. Discovering lots of unusual pieces on her worldly travels, owner Liz sold these at festivals all over the UK - soon she developed an ardent following with a demand for her delicious finds, et voilà! Armed and Gorgeous was born (yay!). Liz has over 20 years of experience under her belt and has developed a keen eye for high-quality jewellery. She has won best jewellery shop in Gloucestershire 2017 and 2018, and best gift shop Gloucestershire and Worcestershire 2021. She is also a prominent business owner in the local area, having featured in multiple local newspapers countless times.

A&G offers a well-edited mix of jewellery, womenswear, gifts and homewares — mixing edgy and eclectic with more classic and sophisticated pieces. With its roots in jewellery – A&G hosts a huge, diverse range of jewellery handcrafted by many prestigious British designers as well as the delicate works of silversmiths and artisans in Asia.

We offer a vast range of Jewellery, so to help with the browsing experience we have split our Jewels into three categories - British Handmade Jewellery, A&G exclusive, and On-trend Jewellery. 

Our British Handmade selection hosts some of the best jewellery designers in the UK. We are constantly on the lookout for more great British designers to add to this collection, and as a result, this selection is forever being updated. If you are looking for high quality, artisan Jewellery then this is the place for you.

Our A&G exclusive category focuses solely on pieces that have been selected by Liz (the owner) on her travels across the world. You will find it difficult to find these pieces anywhere else in the UK. A perfect example is Sandeep, with whom Liz has been working with for over over 10 years now. She is close friends with both the designer and their family. The designer is well known in Bollywood and designs jewellery for major productions in India, and his pieces are an exquisite example of high end, Indian influenced jewellery. 

The On-trend category houses pieces that are currently trendy and popular. This is generally the best selling category and is perfect for those who are buying jewellery gifts on a budget. 

Turning to womenswear and accessories, A&G expresses its personality by delivering show-stopping, colourful and funky womenswear items on a regular basis. One of our most popular items in womenswear is our kimonos & gowns. These make for excellent gifts and are colourful with great designs. We also stock a variety of other essential gifting material online - our Elizabeth Scarlett pouches are very popular.

Ultimately, we are a small independent business and as a result, we cannot upload and monitor everything that we sell at our Nailsworth shop. Our website is home to our jewellery selection, which is the core of A&G, but unfortunately for womenswear items (besides kimonos & gowns) you need to visit the shop. 

Liz and the other friendly faces at A&G strive to create a one-of-a-kind shopping experience - one to tell your mates about, for sure! So come on in and say ‘hi’, visit us at our shop in the beautiful Cotswold Town of Nailsworth or enjoy browsing our website.

British Made

Here at A&G we are proud to house unique jewellery, fashion, homewares and gifts from over 40 different UK/local designers and makers. Over many years we have built a collection of our favourites and are always looking and expanding, adding new names to the ‘British Made’ family.

Thoughtfully Sourced

Supporting artisan craftsmen and designers, A&G includes many beautifully made, ethically sourced items. We try, where we can, to always source products that support our eco-friendly and ethical ethos. Most of the products you find will be ethically made where we know the origin, designer and producer. Even our packaging is eco-friendly.