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At Armed & Gorgeous we’re very proud of all our accomplishments. We have an excellent team that works so hard to give a top-notch customer experience, so whenever we get a bit of recognition we get very excited! 2021 has seen us be featured in a fair few publications, as well as receiving a record number of reviews! This means the world to us. We wanted to document our publications here so that people can get a real insight into who we are. At the end of the day, we are not some faceless corporation, but rather real people who really care about what we are doing.

Firstly, we want to give a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who has taken time out to leave us a review. This year we have received more google reviews and Facebook reviews than ever before! We take much pleasure in reading all of your positive comments, some of them are very touching and we are so happy to bring a smile to peoples faces. We also take on board every negative review that we receive so that we can improve (although to date we are proud to boast that we only have 3 negative reviews:)). If you want to join in the conversation you can do so here for google and here for Facebook.

Earlier this year we managed to win ‘Best Gift Shop in Gloucestershire and Worcestershire‘ and as a result, we received recognition from The Stroud News and Journal, the Stroud Gazzette and Nailsworth News. We even received a handwritten letter from our local MP.

At a similar time, Stroud Times wanted to do an article on us entitled ‘Armed & Gorgeous: turning challenges into successes‘ which centred around our win alongside the tough year that we (along with many other retailers) have had.

As of October 2021, we have been featured in Cotswold Living. The Living magazines in total have almost 36 million readers per week, so to be featured is a huge deal. They did a three-page spread all about Liz, who is the owner of Armed & Gorgeous. The article is a great insight into the core values of A&G, as well as its origin story. Liz dives into the struggles of growing up with learning difficulties, about experiencing other cultures, and about the importance of supporting artists and their work. The article is a short read and can be found below:
(Note: if it looks too small, on mobile and tablet you can pinch your screen to zoom in, and on desktop, you can hold control and scroll to zoom)