Kimono Size Guide

Size guide for Kimonos and Gowns


We’ve tried to make this as simple as possible. Please don’t hesitate to talk to us on live chat if you have any queries. 

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One Hundred Stars: 

Kimonos – UK 8-18. Length 60cm. Chest 132cm.

Gowns – UK 8-18. Length 127cm. Chest 125cm.

Throwovers – UK 8-18. Length 111cm. Width 190cm

Long Kimonos – UK 8-22. Length 124cm. Underarms and across back 97cm. 

Black Colour:

Kimonos – UK 8 – 16



Short Kimono – UK 8-16. Length 80cm.

Kimono Jacket – UK 8-16. Length 99cm.

Long Kimono – UK 8-16. Length 128cm