Hoops have always been a popular earring type. They’re just so versatile! you can go all out with a show-stopping statement hoop., or keep things cool and collected with a subtle, understated hoop. Hoops come in all shapes, textures, and sizes. As a result, finding the perfect one for you can sometimes be a bit tricky. Armed & Gorgeous has done its best to make life easier for you, by breaking hoops down into Ear Cuffs and Huggies. You can also filter the hoop earrings by finish and price to help narrow down your choices and help you find that ideal pair!


  • Large 14ct Gold Hoops with Rose Gold Bead-Armed & Gorgeous

    14ct Gold Fill Hoops with Rose Gold Bead

  • Sterling Silver Infinity Earrings- Armed & Grogeous

    Sterling Silver Infinity Drops

  • 14ct Gold Filled 13mm Hoop (Yellow or Rose Gold)

  • Small Gold and Silver Hoops

    Small Gold and Silver Hoops

  • Dangle hoop earrings - Armed & Gorgeous

    Dangle Hoop Earrings

  • Gold Plated Starburst Hoops- Armed & Gorgeous

    Opal Starburst Hoop Earrings (Sterling Silver or Gold Plated)

  • NEW

    Opalite Heart Hook Drops

  • small silver hoops

    Small Triple Hoop Earrings

  • Triple hoop earrings

    Triple Hoop Earrings

  • Adele Taylor Earrings | Textured Silver and Gold Circle Studs

  • Adele Taylor Earrings | Oxidised Silver Ring Studs

  • 5 Diamond Gold Beaded Hoops

  • Chunky Diamond Drop Hoops

    Chunky Diamond Drop Hoops

  • Black Diamond Eye Drops

  • Gold Pink Tourmaline Eye Oxidised Silver Hoops

    Gold Pink Tourmaline Eye Oxidised Silver Hoops

  • Gold Beaded Hoop

    Gold Beaded Hoop