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Gold Plated Bling Huggie Earrings- Armed & Gorgeous
Opal and Gold Tulip Studs Armed & Gorgeous
Silver Large Huggie Hoop Earrings- Armed & GorgeousGold Gemstone Huggie Hoops, Armed and Gorgeous
Large Gold Huggie Earrings- Armed & Gorgeous
Gold Plated Opal Trinity Stud Earrings- Armed & Gorgeous
Armed & Gorgeous Gold Huggie Earrings
Sterling Silver Audrey Huggie Hoop Earrings- Armed & Gorgeous

A staple of the Jewellery box. You can never have too many, and you can change them daily for different outfits. You can have multiple piercings, and you can mix and match your style of earrings for any occasion, be it studs, drops or hoops! With so many options to play with, it makes sense to have a vast selection of earrings to choose from. And that’s where Armed & Gorgeous comes in! Our selection is bigger than any you will find in Nailsworth or stroud and likely trumps the whole of Gloucestershire!

We now have 500 pairs to choose from! Now, we know that sometimes too much choice is daunting, so tried our hardest to break things down for you. Therefore we’ve broken Earrings down into 5 categories: Drops, Huggies, andBritish Made Jewellery and filter for Earrings. However, for cheaper options, make sure you check out Under £20 Jewellery.