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Silver Dangly Feather Earrings with Gold Plating (large)
Silver Feather Drop Earrings (Large)
Morwen Drops With Labradorite- Armed & Gorgeous
Crytsal Triangle Drop Earrings Armed & Gorgeous
14ct Gold Drop Earrings- Armed & Gorgeous
14ct Two-Tone Gold and Silver Drop Earrings- Armed & Gorgeous
Textured Circle Drops

A good drop can do wonders for your look. Are you looking for something sleek to top off that killer look? Or perhaps you want to express your individuality with an in-your-face, out-of-this-world statement drop? Whatever it is, we’ve got a great selection of drops to choose from. Also, we’ve taken the liberty of adding various filters to help you find that piece that’s made for you. So filter to your heart’s content! However, if you are looking for designer jewellery, then check out our British handmade earrings section. Also, come and visit us for a greater selection of drops!