Handmade Bracelets & Bangles

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Sterling Silver Rock Bangle-Armed & Gorgeous
Gold and Silver Three Colour Bracelet
Silver and Rose Gold Bracelet
Chain Link Bracelet With Swiss Blue Topaz- Armed & Gorgeous
Irregular Link Bracelet- Armed & Gorgeous
Rustic Bangle With Three Halo Charms- Armed & Gorgeous
Rustic Bangle - Armed & Gorgeous

Our luxury Bracelets & Bangles, all handmade by prominent British jewellery designers. Our British made selection is all about celebrating jewellery as an art form. These pieces are highly unique and delicately handcrafted by extremely talented hands using high-quality gemstones, sterling silver and 9-18kt gold. Enjoy our selection of over 50 of the best British designers we have discovered over our 15+ years of experience. Handmade jewellery doesn’t get much better than this!