On-trend Studs

Our On-trend studs selection features designs that are modern, sleek and trendy. We recommend checking out this selection if you are looking for a piece with a more minimal design, if you are shopping on a budget, or shopping for a gift and want to play it more on the safe side. However, if you want to celebrate the more artisan and eclectic, make sure to check out our British handmade and A&G exclusive ranges.


  • Crytsal Triangle Drop Earrings Armed & GorgeousCrytsal Triangle Drop Earrings Armed & Gorgeous

    Baby Crystal Triangle Drop Studs

  • Silver Bobble Drops/CrawlersSilver Bobble Drops/Crawlers

    Silver Bobble Drops/Crawlers

  • Gold Round Open StudsGold Round Open Studs

    Gold Round Open Studs

  • Silver Square Flower StudsSilver Square Flower Studs

    Silver Square Flower Studs

  • Triple Opalite StudsTriple Opalite Studs

    Triple Opalite Studs

  • Antique Detail Opalite StudsAntique Detail Opalite Studs

    Antique Detail Opalite Studs

  • Chunky Heart Opalite StudsChunky Heart Opalite Studs

    Chunky Heart Opalite Studs

  • Large Round Opalite StudsLarge Round Opalite Studs

    Large Round Opalite Studs

  • Floral Opalite StudsFloral Opalite Studs

    Floral Opalite Studs

  • Pretty Stud with 3 OpalitesPretty Stud with 3 Opalites

    Pretty Stud with 3 Opalites

  • Cute Round Opalite StudsCute Round Opalite Studs

    Cute Round Opalite Studs

  • Silver Studs with Square OpaliteSilver Studs with Square Opalite

    Silver Studs with Square Opalite

  • Small Handmade Opalite StudsSmall Handmade Opalite Studs

    Small Handmade Opalite Studs

  • Tri Star Pavé StudsTri Star Pavé Studs

    Tri Star Pavé Studs

  • Adoration StudsAdoration Studs- Armed & Gorgeous

    Adoration Studs

  • Hare Stud EarringsHare Stud Earrings

    Hare Stud Earrings