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Millie Savage Jewellery UK

We are proud to be one of the only stockists of Millie Savage Jewellery in the UK! Millie Savage is an Australian designer who specialises in flamboyant and eccentric design, usually taking cosmic and celestial inspiration. It’s hard to find Millie Savage in England, and we only have one of each piece in stock. We’ve paid the import tax so you don’t have to!

Millie’s jewellery has got to be the most eccentric jeweller that we stock here at A&G. Her style is so unique and oh-so fun to both stock and to wear! If you like to live life on the edge then millie savage is definitely the designer for you.


Millie is an Australian jeweller based in Fitzroy, Melbourne. She started making jewellery in 2013 from her garden shed, and has now exploded in popularity and sells jewellery worldwide, as well as having an impressive fan base on her Instagram. That being said, not that many other jewellers stock millie savage in the UK, so we are leading the charge in that regard!

She now works with a small all-female team between her Bali and Fitzroy Studios


Millie is constantly evolving in her jewellery-making abilities as well as her artistic expression and continues to refine her technique. She has also trained her team in her unique approach to designing and making jewellery

She loves to work with precious stones, in particular custom cut, Australian opals, for which she has an obsession.

If we had to pinpoint it, we would say her speciality is the signature Millie Savage Ring, of which she has many. Her rings are just completely unique and we really haven’t come across anything quite like them before.

Millie believes in using ethically sourced, high-quality materials and has a true love for jewellery making which ensures a rad level of craftsmanship. Her unique pieces promise to be magic in your hands for years to come. You can see her Instagram here.